August 8, 2011

Why I've Lost Faith in the Political System

I've been thinking a lot about our current political situation. You see, I kinda saw this "Debt Crisis" as kind of a final exam for the people in Washington. "Okay, you've gotten bad grades in the past. You probably shoulda looked into this debt thing months or even years ago... but now it is crunch time, let's see you guys make it happen." And they failed. The let down America. They let me down. So I've been thinking about it all. Not just the "Debt Crisis" or whatever the most current problem happens to be, but the whole kit'n'kaboodle. The point is, there is no feeling of leadership to make things run smoothly. Not in Obama. Not in the Tea Party. Not in Boehner. Not in Mitt Romney, any other realistic Presidential Candidate (there are some that I'd think would do well, but I have severe doubts about how they will fair). Of course, unless you buy into all that crap, you aren't going to get the money to get elected in the first place.

You see, our political system is broken. Now let me be clear... Our Government Isn't Broken, just the people who run it have turned it into something horrible. The Constitution is one of the most amazing documents ever written and is vital to the success of our country. People sometimes interpret it differently from each other, and that is okay.It is still amazing. Our system of Checks and Balances and 3 segments of Government create an environment that makes it very difficult for corruption to set in and fester.

What doesn't work, however, is the bloodlust party system blanket that has been layed over the top of the Constitution rendering it inert. Every political outing is an out-and-out brawl. It is the Montagues and Capulets. A war this will continue endlessly for no reason other than Democrats and Republicans are enemies. 3rd parties aren't the answer either because they don't hold any useful sway in the modern rhetoric.