March 17, 2010

Communism in Computers

* When You're Downloading Mozilla Firefox... You're Downloading Communism! -Fake Quote, not from Bill Gates

Communism is the ideal that
allows every member of a society to participate in the decision making process. Anybody who wants to can voice their opinion on how something should be changed, and if that person's opinion is supported by enough other people in the society, it will be implemented. In government systems, this process has normally lead to sadness and poverty due to poor implementation and corrupt leaders. However, does this mean that this ideal can't be implemented successfully elsewhere? No. Open source software such as Firefox, Open Office, and Linux have proven to the world the potential benefits of this type of a system. Firefox now enjoys a 30% market share on web browser usage. The constant innovation that comes from these companies keeps larger companies on their toes, forcing them to innovate or play catch up. Whatever your thoughts on Communism might be, the idea behind it is improving our lives everyday in how we use computers.