December 7, 2011

Game Review: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Game Review

Zelda has been in my life for a REALLY long time. I've played most every Zelda game out there growing up(excepting the abominable Phillips CD-i renditions). I remember playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time. It was wonderful. It flowed. It was funny and had heart. It felt like how Zelda should be in a 3D world. It was a masterpiece. It was a world with characters that I cared about and could explore. Majora's Mask continued that but was haunting, dark, and moody. I loved it. I've never played a game quite like it.

The originals on the NES were brutal hard and epic. I remember calling the Nintendo Power 1-900 tip line cause I couldn't figure out how to get to the final town in Zelda II (ProTip: You can chop down the forests on the overworld map).

I remember playing A Link to the Past so many times I knew that game backward and forward. I remember envying that kid who won the Nintendo Power contest and was put into the game as a secret easter egg.

Wind Waker didn't do it for me that much except that I liked the art style and finding Hyrule under the ocean was the coolest thing ever. Maybe I just got bored sailing...

Twilight Princess felt like a rehash of Ocarina of Time to me. The wolf thing wasn't that interesting, there wasn't anything very new. I kinda got bored with it. That being said, it was still vastly superior to many other games out there, but with the Zelda pedigree, I want more. The art style felt cool, but ultimately won't hold up in years to come.

So now I embark on a new adventure... and I hadn't been nearly excited for it as I had been for Wind Waker and Twilight. Maybe because I didn't enjoy Twilight as much as I had hoped.  But as I picked up my Wii remote, wary of the glowing reviews, I set out on a nearly perfect Zelda experience.