January 26, 2010

Built in Responses.

Men love to create new things. From the earliest man Adam, men have been programmed and trained to build and provide for their families. Today men like to build cars, computer programs, and companies from the ground up. Women, on the other hand, like to design. Historically, after the man built the house, the woman was the one who had to live in it. It only seems natural that she'd make it a space she liked to spend time in. Generally speaking, men plant the food and the women make it taste good. Well built mathematical systems and computer programs also need to be well designed. Unfortunately, this equilibrium has yet to be reached in the fields of Science and Technology. How can we make the world of programming more appealing to women? The solution is simple. Programmers should take the initiative to shower everyday, clean their offices every once in a while, and maybe tone down how much Star Trek paraphernalia is in the office just a little bit. Only then will women consistently be happy to share a workspace with a programmer.

Do you want to work next to these guys? -- image taken from Fanboys

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I burst out laughing at the part about programmers taking showers. And just so you know, I do shower AND keep my workplace clean (At least, I would if I had a job).