February 13, 2010


So my Mom came and visited a couple of months ago when we had Lucas. It was really great and fun to have her around for a while. When she came though, she brought with her a couple of VHS tapes that had a glimpse of my past. They sat on our shelves like that until last week when I went and transferred them to DVD.... and oh my goodness... that was a blast from the past. I'm probably 14-15 years old in the videos and things are CRAAAZY... we had so much fun though. Among those guest starring in the video are such illustrious names as Steve Cann, Daniel Jacobs, Ryan Rigby, David Horrocks, Nanny and Gramps, Hunter Petty, a cameo by Dustin Brown, Tiffanie Payne, Danielle Kikuchi, Cory Dahl, and many many more!

It's weird though because we are all so young and well, frankly, somewhat immature. Funny how our memories make those events better than watching them on film. I knew we were having fun at the time. Watching back I can't help but thinking... man, we were weird. But you know... I wouldn't have it any other way. I thought about posting some of the video... but then I just thought that would be inappropriate without everyone's permission. Cause, well, 8th-10th grade isn't everyone's best years. But here's a bonus screenshot...

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