March 2, 2010

Program Your Way Out of a Paper Bag

It seems under qualified people can get jobs as programmers fairly easily. How people in this world can get jobs that they have no experience for is beyond me. People can get jobs as programmers when they don't even know how to write a simple program that prints 1 to 100 with every multiple of three printing 'foo' and every multiple of five printing 'bar.' That is a simple basic problem. If I were to interview someone to be a truck driver, I'd expect them to know how to drive a manual transmission. It is possible, however, to get a job that you may be under qualified for if you can display some aptitude to learn what needs to be learned. If a driver knows how to drive a manual transmission and has driven a pickup truck with a trailer attached, I might consider hiring him based upon similar experience. He would still need extra training first, but he already has the skill set needed. A programmer that doesn't know how to write a for-loop is not a programmer at all.

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